Fashion Week

Well, Fashion Week – or technically month – is officially over.  There are some collections that were absolutely fabulous, and some that weren’t .  This season, there are four that I am absolutely in love with, including Kate Spade, which featured a bright-retro-coloured theme.  I especially loved the shoes, notably the black-and-white oxford looking ones; the girl inside me just loves the bright yellow, pink, mint green colours.  The collection also contains the ‘Peter Pan’ collars, which I can’t get enough of right now, I love it!


Another collection I thought was quite interesting, was the Burberry collection.  With clear hand- bags, and metallic fabrics that reminds me somewhat of tinfoil, I thought it was really different, and totally not what Burberry does; there certainly were trench coats – one of Burberry’s signature – but i didn’t spot a single signature tartan pattern!  There was one particular trench jacket, that had a dark green body, while the sleeves were blue.  The fabric itself was like a shiny surface, but then dusty on top.  I absolutely loved the metallic fabrics, where, at the end, model after model, came out wearing trench coats, all made out of this fabric, each one a solid colour.


The last collection that was really cool, and one of the ones I look forward to seeing what they come up with each season, was the Louis Vuitton show.  It started with 4 escalators, alternating with simple grey, and checkered yellow, and white; even the runway was checkered with yellow-and-white, a feature that also continued into the clothing, also with brown-and-white checkered colours, and even a green colour. At the end, all the models came down the escalators, in pairs of two, walked to a spot, stood there, and then walked back up the escalators.   I felt like the escalators were such a weird, yet different thing to put in, it really was cool to watch.  The music was this simple song, no singing or anything, but it was a song that really matched with the collection.  From the Marc Jacobs collection to Louis Vuitton, we can see he was inspired by the 60’s this season.  I totally recommend watching the collection yourself!