The September Issue

It took me two days, and several visits to magazine stores, but I finally found it: the September issue of Vogue, which celebrates Vogue’s 120th year of publication.  When i first picked it up, I was surprised at how thick it was, practically as thick as one of my school textbooks! And just as heavy!

I’ve had it in my hands for the past two days, and I’m almost half way through.  I feel like a kid looking through the pages, treating it like a kid with candy: going through it extremely slowly, savouring every page, and hoping that it will last for a long time.  The one thing I hate about magazine; you have to wait another month for another one to come along.  But I am enjoying reading this issue.  The purple mermaid dress on the cover is really beautiful, and I have yet to reach the article; so far I’m enjoying it though.

Having been taking a fashion merchandising course for the last year, and taking a Fashion Awareness class, which entails learning the history of fashion labels, and who the designers are (Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, John Galliano), learning all about it, looking through the magazines, such as this issue of Vogue, you learn to really appreciate the details you didn’t notice before, such as how much work goes into the couture dresses, and how everything comes together.  I’ve always loved learning about history especially the first half of the 20th century, so learning about the fashion of the decades, I really enjoyed it.  We’re currently learning about current designers, and who is who (Marc Jacobs, Raf Simons, Hedi Slimane, John Galliano, etc.), and its really fun; I’m enjoying it.

I hadn’t realized its been a while since I’ve updated; being so busy with school, and the job hunt is both fun and exhausting at the same time, but then you enjoy it, you don’t really notice its exhausting.  Hope everyone is enjoying summer!


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