Shopping on a Budget

Being a student, and keeping costs down, I am constantly looking for ways to find deals.  Here I’ll share a few with you that I have recently discovered in the past few months:

1. Look at the receipt!  Stores such as Aldo, and Garage have survey websites; once you fill out a survey, you are given a discount code, which you can then take with you for your next purchase!  It only takes a few minutes, but saving as much as 15% can help.

2. Discount student cards.  I own a SPC (Student Price Card), which, in the last few months, I have found can greatly help.  I’ve used this card at stores such as Old Navy, Payless ShoeSource, and Orange Julius, and can save up to around $1.00 per drink at OJ, and even a little more at Old Navy.  It may not be much, but in the end, it adds up.

3. Knowing the sales! Knowing when stores have sales can help, as well as knowing where the sales racks are.  They can usually be found in the back of the stores, but can sometimes have ‘looked over’ goodies.  Also knowing when sales times are helps as well; months such as January and February, where everyone is spending less (because of just having Christmas), stores will try to boost sales, and have a sale!  Also, some store websites can have discount codes to celebrate upcoming holidays, such as Mother’s Day, or Thanksgiving.

Also knowing when stores hold events; currently, until May 14th, Starbucks is having a half-off Frappuccino’s between 3-5.

4. My most important thing that I keep in mind: if i don’t remember about it the next day, then I don’t need it.  I generally have this rule, where if I can’t remember the item that I saw yesterday that I had thought I ‘could not live without’, then it wasn’t important to begin with.  If you don’t need it, then is it really necessary?  I just recently took many bags worth of clothes to Value Village because, as I was going through my closet, I found some items that I couldn’t even remember I had.  I took that as I sign that I didn’t need them, and may not even be wearing them in the future, so they had to go.  I actually felt good after giving them away.

The little things can really add up, so next time you go shopping on a budget, these are a few things to know and think about!  Have a great sunny weekend everyone!


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