Doorstep Elle Friday Night – Elle June 2012

Having grown up in a small town, where the only way I could escape – besides the countless books i read during lunch in high school – was through the pages of a magazine, I cherish those first few moments before i start to look through the pages of a fashion magazine; having no idea whats inside, and flipping through, learning more about whats out there.

I remember the first time I ever got a magazine subscription; I had just started high school, and fir Christmas, my parents had gotten my sister and me a yearly subscription to a magazine.  Fortunately, they mistakenly ordered Teen Vogue, even though my first choice was Seventeen, but when I got my first copy of Teen Vogue, I never looked back.  I can still remember that first issue I ever got, it had Scarlet Johansson, and Topher Grace on the cover.  Since then, I loved fashion, and I have still never stopped reading Teen Vogue, and many other magazines.

Friday night, I happened to find a magazine in front of my door; how it got there I have no idea, as I don’t remember ordering it, but nonetheless, it made my Friday night more eventful.  


Elle’s June 2012 cover has a gorgeous blue Chanel dress, and flipping through a few pages, I know I’m certainly going to enjoy reading this issue; one spread looks like mermaid-deep-blue-sea colours.  Yum!  I don’t know how it came to my door, but whoever put it there, I am eternally grateful!



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