A Little Spring Cleaning

Going through my closet, and a little laundry bundle during spring cleaning, I found some items that I had forgotten about! Some items will go to the thrift store, as I have no more use for them, but some of them, I will hopefully be wearing during summer!


This is the bag I used to use for my school books, but i have recently upgraded to a bigger bag, as this semester I seem to have quite a few more than i would like to carry!  I remember I got this bag from Forever 21 and absolutely loved it!


As you can see, I have yet to wear this t-shirt, as I haven’t taken the tag off yet!  I found this in a thrift store, and thought it would be something of a birthday present for my sister.  It kind of weirdly reminds me of that Sydney White movie.  (As I just recently googled the quote, I did not know there was a festival called ‘Power to the Peaceful’)


This is an item, originally from Forever 21, I believe, that I picked form the Blogger Sale held last month in Vancouver.  Nice and breezy for summer wear.

Thats some of the most interesting items I found in my closet from spring cleaning!  Tip: although it is sad to let items go, and donate them, the thought of new items also coming back is an awesome feeling.


Spring is in the Air

Its been a few days since I last posted, but with school starting up again after break, it is getting busy, but fun!  I bought a few things at the store today (let’s be honest, it was a thrift store).  The thing I like about thrift stores, such as Value Village, is that you never know what you’ll find; one thing I like is that what you may find, no one else has, which can be good to set yourself apart from everybody else.  Not wearing that same thing as the person next to you, or anybody else for that matter, can make people take notice.

So I picked up a few things, one of them being a simple black shirt, which I won’t post a picture on, because it’s not that exciting; i have a few volunteering events coming up, and I’m to wear just black.

Here’s the first thing I found: a bracelet, only 3.99; More the kind of bracelet for dinners with friends, but still really nice.

The next is a heart-shaped pendant, though it didn’t come with the necklace part, I do have an extra piece for that, and hopefully I’ll be able to send to my sister in time for Easter!

The next item is more of a piece that I remember seeing in a movie a few years ago (and some of you Buffy fans may know what it is); it is a Claddaugh ring.  The idea is that, when worn on the right ring finger, with the heart pointing towards the fingernail, you are not attached to anyone, but when flipped, and the heart goes up towards the arm, it means you are being ‘courted’, or otherwise dating someone.  When worn on the left ring finger, it signifies that you are married.  I thought that the idea of this Irish tradition was so unique, different, and neat, that when I saw this I was interested in it. It’s not fancy, but it looks nice; I have seen some with a diamond in place of the heart as well.

Lastly, I recently picked up the latest edition of Vogue, and I think, of all one that i have read, it is my favourite, especially the article on the Ritz, and Kate Moss wearing the couture gowns…oh my goodness.  Everytime I see these images, it takes my breathe away!  But this article isn’t just about the dresses; it’s about the history of the Ritz, and the people who have passed through its walls.  Reading on the different experiences of people who have visited there, such as Andre Leon Talley, and paired with pictures of its employees (or rather, family), it really added a personal touch that I enjoyed reading about.  Did i mention the pictures are absolutely breathtaking?  Definitely a must-read!  (both pictures from Vogue)

This picture almost reminds me of the one of Audrey Hepburn, dressed in the outfit that she wore in the first scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, holding a long cigarette holder.

Hope everyone has a great Easter weekend!