Laid Back kind of Day

Felt like a slow day today, the weather being gloomy. I wore a grey h&m sweater today, and blue jeggings.  Though I love the colour of the pants, I don’t particularly like how they feel.  I’ve heard jeggings are to feel like a ‘second skin’, but they still feel…weird.  I paired it with my new, and favourite, Oxford heels.



Oscars 2012

The red carpet has been rolled out, and the stars have started to arrive.  Among my favourites are the lovely Michelle Williams, who showed up wearing a Louis Vuitton red – yet almost orange – dress, paired with a diamond necklace, and a pink clutch.  Completely died when I saw this. 


The second one is Jessica Chastain, who is wearing Alexander McQueen – the beading on this dress is absolutely stunning. Can’t wait to see who will win the awards this evening – best of luck of everyone!



For me, when I go shopping for shoes, it takes much longer than shopping for anything else, simply because both my feet aren’t exactly the same size, and are a little bit wider than some people.  For a few weeks, I have been looking for a good pair of Oxford heels; I visited a few stores, including Aldo, who unfortunately did not have my size, but luckily I found a shoe store  that did!

Here they are, my new Oxford heels; Im so excited to wear them, especially with a skirt or dress.  I have this red skirt from Forever 21 that I’m just dying to wear with them.


Brown oxford heels, and they fit so wonderfully!

Picked up the latest issue of Vogue, and couldn’t believe how thick it was!  I’m still only halfway through it, but am enjoying it so far. Image


Vintage Thrill


Hope winter has been treating everyone good.  As vintage as it sounds, I recently took a visit to Value Village a few days ago, and actually found a few pieces that are good for spring weather!  Each piece  was under $14, which, let’s be honest, when we find something good quality at a lower price than the actual store, its a ‘bargain’ rush!

For example, the Suzy Shier Khaki colour jacket I found was only $13!

I also found a nice rusty brown lace Forever 21 jacket for $12!

Lastly, two of my favourite finds, were two very colourful spring bags.  Both in red, they will surely get a lot of use.


This one was originally from Aldo, I purchased it for $13.  The last one:

   P.S. Please excuse the photo placement if one seems off point from the others; still figuring out how to do placement.

Hello world!