Fashion Week

Well, Fashion Week – or technically month – is officially over.  There are some collections that were absolutely fabulous, and some that weren’t .  This season, there are four that I am absolutely in love with, including Kate Spade, which featured a bright-retro-coloured theme.  I especially loved the shoes, notably the black-and-white oxford looking ones; the girl inside me just loves the bright yellow, pink, mint green colours.  The collection also contains the ‘Peter Pan’ collars, which I can’t get enough of right now, I love it!


Another collection I thought was quite interesting, was the Burberry collection.  With clear hand- bags, and metallic fabrics that reminds me somewhat of tinfoil, I thought it was really different, and totally not what Burberry does; there certainly were trench coats – one of Burberry’s signature – but i didn’t spot a single signature tartan pattern!  There was one particular trench jacket, that had a dark green body, while the sleeves were blue.  The fabric itself was like a shiny surface, but then dusty on top.  I absolutely loved the metallic fabrics, where, at the end, model after model, came out wearing trench coats, all made out of this fabric, each one a solid colour.


The last collection that was really cool, and one of the ones I look forward to seeing what they come up with each season, was the Louis Vuitton show.  It started with 4 escalators, alternating with simple grey, and checkered yellow, and white; even the runway was checkered with yellow-and-white, a feature that also continued into the clothing, also with brown-and-white checkered colours, and even a green colour. At the end, all the models came down the escalators, in pairs of two, walked to a spot, stood there, and then walked back up the escalators.   I felt like the escalators were such a weird, yet different thing to put in, it really was cool to watch.  The music was this simple song, no singing or anything, but it was a song that really matched with the collection.  From the Marc Jacobs collection to Louis Vuitton, we can see he was inspired by the 60’s this season.  I totally recommend watching the collection yourself!



Dior ‘Secret Garden – Versailles’

Dior ‘Secret Garden – Versailles’ commercial – the setting of this video is absolutely amazing, I just had to share it with you! The black layered dress is stunning as well!

The September Issue

It took me two days, and several visits to magazine stores, but I finally found it: the September issue of Vogue, which celebrates Vogue’s 120th year of publication.  When i first picked it up, I was surprised at how thick it was, practically as thick as one of my school textbooks! And just as heavy!

I’ve had it in my hands for the past two days, and I’m almost half way through.  I feel like a kid looking through the pages, treating it like a kid with candy: going through it extremely slowly, savouring every page, and hoping that it will last for a long time.  The one thing I hate about magazine; you have to wait another month for another one to come along.  But I am enjoying reading this issue.  The purple mermaid dress on the cover is really beautiful, and I have yet to reach the article; so far I’m enjoying it though.

Having been taking a fashion merchandising course for the last year, and taking a Fashion Awareness class, which entails learning the history of fashion labels, and who the designers are (Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, John Galliano), learning all about it, looking through the magazines, such as this issue of Vogue, you learn to really appreciate the details you didn’t notice before, such as how much work goes into the couture dresses, and how everything comes together.  I’ve always loved learning about history especially the first half of the 20th century, so learning about the fashion of the decades, I really enjoyed it.  We’re currently learning about current designers, and who is who (Marc Jacobs, Raf Simons, Hedi Slimane, John Galliano, etc.), and its really fun; I’m enjoying it.

I hadn’t realized its been a while since I’ve updated; being so busy with school, and the job hunt is both fun and exhausting at the same time, but then you enjoy it, you don’t really notice its exhausting.  Hope everyone is enjoying summer!

Spring Glitter

Spring came up way too fast, but it also means the weather allows for brighter colours!  Posting a few of my current makeup favourites, ones that I absolutely love!

Essie’s Pink-A-Boo nail polish.  A light shimmery pink colour, one coat is plenty!  (though it isn’t the easiest to get off with the glitter)

Two current must-have lip products; the first is a Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick in Sky Pink, a light pink colour, and my all-time favourite lipgloss, MAC’s Cremesheen in Fashion Scoop.

Second Star To The Right

I am in love with a little thing called the ‘Peter Pan collar”; It adds a little ‘classic’ to an otherwise boring dress.  After a few days of looking for a nice, inexpensive Peter Pan collared-dress, I found one at Forever21, and absolutely love it!  It’s perfect for a summer day, or a night out.

I’ve recently been a bit busy with moving between apartments at the moment, so boxes are everywhere!

Dress and tights fmor Forever21, Shoes from Call It Spring, and watch from local boutique.
It’s been really nice weather recently here in Vancouver; I’m not used to so many days of sun!  Hope everyone else is having just as much luck!

Shopping on a Budget

Being a student, and keeping costs down, I am constantly looking for ways to find deals.  Here I’ll share a few with you that I have recently discovered in the past few months:

1. Look at the receipt!  Stores such as Aldo, and Garage have survey websites; once you fill out a survey, you are given a discount code, which you can then take with you for your next purchase!  It only takes a few minutes, but saving as much as 15% can help.

2. Discount student cards.  I own a SPC (Student Price Card), which, in the last few months, I have found can greatly help.  I’ve used this card at stores such as Old Navy, Payless ShoeSource, and Orange Julius, and can save up to around $1.00 per drink at OJ, and even a little more at Old Navy.  It may not be much, but in the end, it adds up.

3. Knowing the sales! Knowing when stores have sales can help, as well as knowing where the sales racks are.  They can usually be found in the back of the stores, but can sometimes have ‘looked over’ goodies.  Also knowing when sales times are helps as well; months such as January and February, where everyone is spending less (because of just having Christmas), stores will try to boost sales, and have a sale!  Also, some store websites can have discount codes to celebrate upcoming holidays, such as Mother’s Day, or Thanksgiving.

Also knowing when stores hold events; currently, until May 14th, Starbucks is having a half-off Frappuccino’s between 3-5.

4. My most important thing that I keep in mind: if i don’t remember about it the next day, then I don’t need it.  I generally have this rule, where if I can’t remember the item that I saw yesterday that I had thought I ‘could not live without’, then it wasn’t important to begin with.  If you don’t need it, then is it really necessary?  I just recently took many bags worth of clothes to Value Village because, as I was going through my closet, I found some items that I couldn’t even remember I had.  I took that as I sign that I didn’t need them, and may not even be wearing them in the future, so they had to go.  I actually felt good after giving them away.

The little things can really add up, so next time you go shopping on a budget, these are a few things to know and think about!  Have a great sunny weekend everyone!

Doorstep Elle Friday Night – Elle June 2012

Having grown up in a small town, where the only way I could escape – besides the countless books i read during lunch in high school – was through the pages of a magazine, I cherish those first few moments before i start to look through the pages of a fashion magazine; having no idea whats inside, and flipping through, learning more about whats out there.

I remember the first time I ever got a magazine subscription; I had just started high school, and fir Christmas, my parents had gotten my sister and me a yearly subscription to a magazine.  Fortunately, they mistakenly ordered Teen Vogue, even though my first choice was Seventeen, but when I got my first copy of Teen Vogue, I never looked back.  I can still remember that first issue I ever got, it had Scarlet Johansson, and Topher Grace on the cover.  Since then, I loved fashion, and I have still never stopped reading Teen Vogue, and many other magazines.

Friday night, I happened to find a magazine in front of my door; how it got there I have no idea, as I don’t remember ordering it, but nonetheless, it made my Friday night more eventful.  


Elle’s June 2012 cover has a gorgeous blue Chanel dress, and flipping through a few pages, I know I’m certainly going to enjoy reading this issue; one spread looks like mermaid-deep-blue-sea colours.  Yum!  I don’t know how it came to my door, but whoever put it there, I am eternally grateful!